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Here at Raycertech you will find details on the design, construction and experimental results of various EHD Devices and High Voltage Technology including the commonly known 'Lifter' as well as advanced Thrusters, EHD Pumps and AFG Devices. Also additional references to Patents, Theory and Experiment put forward throughout History on similarly designed devices are included.

Triangulate Lifters
Triangulate Lifters are know quite a well known form of EHD propulsion in which a triangulate structure with two opposing dielectrics is supplied with a high voltage direct current to acheive the lift. This lift can exceed the weight of the triangulate lifter, therefore achieving flight without the means of any moving parts or required stored fuel system.

Honeycomb Thrusters
Honeycomb Thrusters are an extension of the standard Triangulate Lifter technology. Honeycomb Thrusters supplied by High Voltage Direct current, designed such that they are capable of generating thrust against there surrounding medium, usually air, that when placed in a vertical fashion are capable of lifting themselves plus additional payload, without moving parts.
It is the intention of the Thruster community to advance this technology to a point that it will be capable to produce an autonomous thruster capable of independant flight and eventually a design capable of lifting enough payload to support a person.

Saucer designs are well known as both the best shape for balanced lift aswell as being those little lights up in the sky. Thomas Townsend Brown dedicated alot of research into their designs and shown here are some experiments, renders and links to TTB's own Saucer design.

Mesh Thrusters
Mesh Thrusters are the most promising design as yet, with there light mass and massive potential these Thrusters can outperform most other designs. Further testing in this area is suggested.

EHD Pumps
Electrohydrodynamic pumps work on the same principle as lifter and thruster technology. The main difference being the use of the effect within a stationery object to create movement directly within the encapsulated medium. Successful experimentation within this area shows promising potential for the use of these EHD pumps in many fields.

White Papers
Included here are copies of documents relating to alternative research, hard to find white papers and references to studies in the fields of Electrohydrodynamics, Lifter technology, High Voltage theory, experimental theory, and mathematical calculations.

TTB Related
This section contains links and references to materials, patents, and experiments performed by Thomas Townsend Brown. A scientist of the early 20th century who discovered the strange occurance of movement created through a medium between two oppositely charged plates. Thomas Brown performed many experiments and spent most of his life developing this technology, at one stage he worked for the US Government, however some of his work is available in the public domain.

The Raycer MK1 Design Principles
The Raycer MK1 is the culmination of the collective work within each area of study within this field. Design is based on standard aerodynamic principles coupled with enhanced features made capable by this technology. This includes EHD Drag resistant Skin which covers the craft to lessen the drag affect on the aircraft. Propulsion is a combination of Flame Jet Generation and EHD Thruster technology. Lift is achieved through the development of Ultra Mesh Thruster technology, with honeycomb thrusters assigned for tilt manouvering.

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